The purpose of the youth group here at Heartland Church of Christ is to engage the next generation in God’s Word. Through Bible study in a class setting, we equip them to share, act and live it out every day of their lives. In addition, we dig into the Bible and apply its teachings to the lives of teenagers in small group settings.  We desire for our children to see Christ as demonstrated in the scriptures and follow Him into ministry opportunities in their community.  With events and activities that link the teens back to the entire body of Christ, the youth ministry serves as a vessel of fellowship and involvement with the congregation at every demographical level.  Through opportunities at the local, national and international levels our kids are able to test the water of missions and develop a heart for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of this happens in environments like classrooms, youth rallies, mission trips, camp experiences, and retreats.

If you have any questions regarding the Teen Ministries, please contact Jeff Adair at